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2020第八届 中国西部(成都和重庆)海外投资置业展
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2020第八届 中国西部(成都和重庆)海外投资置业展 2020 the Eighth China investment show in Western China (Chengandchongqing )   同期举办2020中国西部(成都和重庆)留学移民国际易胜博网址展 The International Education Exhibition of the 2020 Western China (Chengandchongqing) in the same period   主办单位:中国西部易胜博网址易胜博备用网组委会 Sponsor: Organizing Committee of Western China Education Exposition   承办单位:重庆港华展览有限公司 Organizer: Chongqing Ganghua Exhibition Co. Ltd   时间:2020年3月28-29日  地点:成都世纪城新国际会展中心       2020年6月20-21日  地点:重庆陈家坪会展中心        Time and place: March 28-29, 2020  Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition&Convention Center                June 20-21,2020,Chongqing Chen Jia Ping Convention and Exhibition Centre               四川全省辖7地区,3自治州、13地级市,18县级市,150县,8自治县,面积近57万平方公里,人口8724万。四川是中国重要的工业基地之一成都电器、量具刃具、攀枝花钢铁、川中油气田、自贡盐化工、内江制糖、泸州和宜宾等地的酿酒工业等驰名中外。攀枝花钢铁公司、成都飞机工业(集团)公司、长虹集团、希望集团、中国第二重型装备厂、东方电气集团等为代表的一大批国有企业和民营企业,闻名国内外。四川是一个综合科技力量较强的省份科研机构、大专院校、中等专科学校和技术学校、中等师范学校、职业高中、普通中小学等都发展到了一定的规模,排名西部第一。四川山川秀丽、旅游资源丰富。九寨沟、峨眉山等著名景区以其夺目的光彩受到海内外的广泛关注。  四川是全国的农产品供应大省,是国家最大的粮、油、猪生产基地之一。经济作物油菜籽、甘蔗、茶叶、柑桔、蚕丝产量居全国前列;中药材驰名中外;银耳、生漆、毛竹等产品享誉全国。 Sichuan is a big province of agricultural products supply, one of the biggest production bases of grain, oil and swine with the forefront output of industrial crops, rapeseed, sugarcane, tea, oranges and silk; renowned traditional Chinese medicinal materials; and tremella, raw lacquer, moso bamboo and other products. Sichuan Province has jurisdiction over 7 districts, 3 autonomous prefecture, 13 prefecture-level cities, 18 county-level cities, 150 counties, 8 autonomous counties, with an area of 570,000 square kilometers and a population of 87.24 million. Sichuan is one of the major industrial bases in China. Chengdu electrical equipment, measuring and cutting tools, Panzhihua steel, Chuanzhong oil and gas field, Zigong salt chemical engineering, Neijiang sugaring, wine industry in Luzhou and Yibin have won fame at home and abroad. A large number of state-owned and private enterprises, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company, Chengdu Air Industry (Group) Company, Changhong Group, Xiwang Group, China Second Weight Equipment Plant, Dongfang Electric Group, etc are famous all over the world. Sichuan has stronger comprehensive scientific and technological power. The scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, secondary specialized schools and technical schools, secondary normal schools, vocational high schools, common elementary and middle schools, etc have had a definite development, ranking first among western provinces. Sichuan has beautiful mountains and rivers, rich tourism resources. The famous scenic spots, Jiuzaigou, Mount Emei, etc have received wide attention at home and abroad for the eye-dazzling radiance. Sichuan is a big province of agricultural products supply, one of the biggest production bases of grain, oil and swine with the forefront output of industrial crops, rapeseed, sugarcane, tea, oranges and silk; renowned traditional Chinese medicinal materials and tremella, raw lacquer, moso bamboo and other products. 重庆是中国西部经济的重要增长极,重庆积极打造IT产业集群、智慧产业集群和金融高地,吸引了全球知名IT企业、智慧产业和金融机构的入住,而两个行业产生的富人阶层最多,近日招商银行发布的《2018中国私人财富报告》显示,个人可投资资产1000万元以上的高净值人群,受访者中考虑或已经完成投资移民的比例仍在60%左右,30%的人士持有境外投资。而在重庆地区,这一人群超过1万人,重庆作为最年轻的直辖市,隐形富豪多,海外投资意愿强。 Chongqing is an important economic growth pole in Western China. Chongqing has actively built IT industrial clusters, intelligent industrial clusters and financial highlands, attracting well-known IT enterprises, intelligent industries and financial institutions in the world. The two industries have the largest number of wealthy people. Recently, China Merchants Bank issued the "China Private Wealth Report 2018". Individuals with high net worth of investable assets of more than 10 million yuan still account for about 60% of the respondents, and 30% of the respondents hold overseas investments. Chongqing is the youngest municipality directly under the jurisdiction of Chongqing, where there are many invisible rich and willing to invest overseas. 成都和重庆人海外置业路线大致有四条:即以新加坡、马来西亚、菲律宾、韩国济州岛等为主的亚洲线,以德国、法国、英国、西班牙、塞浦路斯等为主的欧洲线,以美国、加拿大为主的北美洲线,以及澳大利亚、新西兰为主的澳洲线。这些国家都是旅游热点,同时也是移民较多的国家。所以,成都和重庆人海外置业基本与移民潮共生,其子女多会选择到国外留学。成都和重庆人在海外买楼投资才刚刚起步,市场潜力巨大。 Chengdu and Chongqing people's overseas home ownership routes are roughly four: Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Jeju Island and other Asian routes, Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Cyprus and other European routes, the United States, Canada, mainly North America, and Australia, New Zealand mainly. The Australian line. These countries are hot spots of tourism, and are also emigrated countries. Therefore, Chengdu and Chongqing people's overseas home ownership basically co-exist with the tide of immigrants, their children will choose to study abroad. Chengdu and Chongqing have only just begun to invest abroad, and the market potential is huge. 2020第八届中国成都和重庆国际旅游地产及海外投资置业展,是目前成都和重庆地区针对日益发展的旅游地产和海外投资置业及移民行业的展会。为期两天的展会将会有来自中国大陆、欧洲、北美、亚洲、澳洲、非洲等数十个国家和地区涉及旅游地产海外置业、移民、投资、留学、就业等多个领域的参展企业。旨在为各国旅游地产楼盘开发商、养老地产和学区地产楼盘开发商开拓成都市场,使开发商直接与购房者面对面交流,从而提供一个专业、快捷的互动平台。 As the Eighth exhibition specific to the increasing tourist real estate and overseas investment and house purchasing and immigrant industry, the 2020 Chengdu and chongqing International Overseas Housing & Tourist Real Estate Exhibition will welcome the enterprises related to tourist real estate, overseas house purchasing, immigrant, investment, overseas study, employment and other fields, which are from dozens of countries and regions of Mainland China, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc with the aim of exploring Chengdu and chongqing market for the tourist real estate developers, real estate for the aged and school district real estate developers to provide a professional and rapid interactive platform for the face-to-face communication between developers and house purchasers.   展品范围 Exhibition scope:   海外地产项目展区:美国、英国、澳大利亚、加拿大、新加坡、塞浦路斯等世界各国适宜蓉商投资的高端住宅、顶级公寓、高尔夫别墅、豪华别墅、临水别墅、山景别墅、商业地产、特色园区市场、产业地产、海外地产、易胜博网址大盘、留学移民、政府城市形象推介、其它地产投资项目等。 Exhibition zone for overseas real estate projects: high-end houses, top-end apartments, golf villas, luxury villas, villas facing water, mountain view villas, commercial real estate, special garden marketplace, industrial real estate, overseas real estate, educational real estate, overseas study and immigrant, governmental city image promotion and other real estate investment projects of the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Cyprus, etc.    海滨城市精品楼盘展区:海南海口、三亚、琼海、文昌、儋州、万宁、珠海、深圳、北海、威海、烟台等海滨城市的海景房、山景房、水景房及精品楼盘; Exhibition zones for quality buildings of coastal cities: sea-view houses, mountain-view houses, water-view houses and quality buildings of Haikou, Sanya, Qionghai, Wenchang, Danzhou, Wanning of Hainan; Zhuhai, Shenzhen; Beihai; Weihai, Yantai and other coastal cities.   旅游城市地产项目展区:成都峨眉山、青城山、重庆仙女山、四面山、黄水、綦江、桂林、黄山、昆明、丽江、西双版纳、腾冲、习水、遵义、贵阳、利川等旅游城市和旅游景区的旅游地产项目,包括旅游景点地产、旅游商务地产、旅游度假地产、旅游宾馆、养老地产、度假村、产权酒店以及用于分时度假的时权酒店,旅游住宅地产等; Exhibition zone fro tourist city real estate projects: tourist real estate projects of Mount Emei, Mount Qingcheng, Chongqing Fairy Mountain, Simian Mountain, Yellow Water, Qijiang, Guilin, Mount Huang, Kunming, Lijiang, Xishuangbanna, Tengchong, Xishui, Zunyi, Guiyang, Lichuan and other tourist cities and tourism areas, including tourist attraction real estate, tourist commercial real estate, tourist vocation real estate, tourist hotels, real estates for the aged, holiday villages, property right hotels and time-right hotels for timesharing holidays, tourist housing real estate, etc.   观众范围 Scopes of audience:
Rich and powerful people in rich list, celebrities, collectors and connoisseurs, fashion buyer and luxury professionals, VIP private gold clients of all banks and securities institutions, bank senior executives and senior management staff of five-star hotels
Owners and prospect clients of top-end real estate and luxury villas, readers of high-end magazines, owners of luxury cars of Chengdu, Chongqing and neighboring areas, VIP members of all private clubs, golf clubs, members of chamber of commerce,   参展费用 Participation fee:   1、冠名:50万元  (回报备索) 1. Title sponsor: 500000 (rewards ready for claim)   2、华西都市报报纸广告参展企业可享受优惠价 13万/整版,依此类推。 2. Participation enterprises of the newspaper advertisement of Huaxi City Daily can enjoy a preferential price of 130000 / full page, and so on.   3、标准展位(3*3米)国外2800美元/个   国内15000元/个  依此类推。 3. Standard exhibition booth (3*3 meter) $2800 / per booth abroad, domestically 15000 yuan / per booth, and so on.   媒体宣传 Media publicity   ⊙ 与高端财经媒体、房地产媒体进行合作,通过广告、专题相结合方式对参展品牌和展会各项活动进行持续推广,精准覆盖金融、地产及其他行业的商务人士。 ⊙To cooperate with high-end financial and economic media and real estate media, to continuously popularize exhibition brands and activities by combining advertisements and special subjects to cover business people of financial, real estate and other industries.    ⊙ 与各大电视台热点栏目时间推出展会信息报道。 ⊙To release exhibition information reports with hotspot columns of all large TV stations.   ⊙ 与当地交通广播、文艺广播合作打造展会专项宣传活动。 ⊙To launch exhibition special project publicity activities with local traffic radios and literature and art radios.   ⊙ 在主流都市媒体和专业媒体投放大量硬广及软文,全方位覆盖有效观众人群。 ⊙To release a large number of hard advertisements and soft texts in mainstream city media and professional media to cover effective audience comprehensively.   ⊙ 与直投媒体合作,将展会介绍直投至金融机构、五星级酒店、高档写字楼、高端会所、酒吧、茶馆、健身房、主题餐厅等网点。 ⊙To cooperate with media to directly deliver exhibition introduction to financial institutions, five-star hotels, high-end office buildings, high-end clubs, bars, teahouses, gyms, themed restaurants and other network.
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